Canadian Data Recovery Outsource Partner Program

What makes Partnering with Core Data Recovery so different from everyone else?

  • Excellent Partner benefits and discounts
  • Most affordable, high-quality service
  • No hidden fees or underhanded sales tactics. All prices are all-inclusive
  • Same-day service available

Data Recovery Solutions Hand Crafted For Your Business

Our model is specifically designed for IT professionals and Computer Shops

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CDR's Hand Crafted Data Recovery Partnership Program

Introducing CDR's All New Outsource Partner Program

Join With Some of North America's Most Trusted IT Experts

Making Data Recovery Your Own...

Core Data Recovery wants to ensure that your clients keep you in their best interest which is why we have an optional Partner recovery webpage which will give you a personalized "white-labeled" landing page to send your clients to either learn about, Or to start the recovery process.
These two pages are designed with your company colors and logo in mind, essentially having the same look and feel as your own site. What this means is a seamless experience for both you and the client ensuring continuity of service.

Data Recovery Solutions for Everyone

2 Ways Core Data Recovery Can Offer Data Recovery Services to its Partners


Core Data Recovery can either deal with, and manage the recovery job directly with you and your team, keeping you updated from the initial opening of a recovery job ticket, through the evaluation process, and on to the completion and return of a successful recovery


Alternatively if you prefer, Core Data Recovery can handle everything directly with your client from the initial consult, to the evaluation, through to the final update and sale of a successful recovery.
We can do this all while representing your company in order to keep that continuity of service intact so the client does not become confused or uncomfortable as to who they are dealing with.

The choice is yours.

Core Data Recovery's Partner program is intended to be a turn-key data recovery solution which means we're very flexible on how individual partner relationships are setup.

The two key components to our service include; pricing model and job management structure. The level of these two components can be applied to create a Partner relationship unique to your companies business model.

- Either way, the overall recovery process stays the same. It really comes down to job management, which Core Data can handle completely or leave to you, depending on your level of involvement


Benefits of Joining our Partner Program

  • No Quotas, Minimums or Contracts

  • Dedicated Sales Support

  • Personable and Professional Technical Support

  • Marketing & Sales Materials Provided

  • Reseller Deal and Renewal Registration Portal

  • Competitive Pricing

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Additional CDR Services

The eazyBackup cloud backup platform is a carrier-grade extremely reliable, well tested and proven solution. It meets the needs for both smaller, local service providers and large, nationwide providers that expect high availability and redundancy standards.

Core Data Recovery is trusted by IT Consulting firms and technology users across north america. We have a proven history of delivering the highest recovery success rates whether the hard drive has suffered a physical crash, logical data corruption or has been the victim of a natural disaster.

Again - this is meant to be a turn-key solution for Core Data Recovery partners to have added in to their day-to-day offerings - As a Core Data Recovery Partner you and your team can deal directly with our in-house support staff and in turn, if you don't have the time or don't prefer to maintain your clientele throughout the recovery process Core Data Recovery can do this on your behalf.

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